Travel Diary: Colorado

Travel Diary: Colorado

Hi friends! Can you believe summer is over? I’m so excited for fall, even though it will be in the 90’s until October here in Oklahoma. August went by so fast because we did so much traveling! We drove to Nashville for a wedding, and then we drove to Colorado for vacation. Colorado is honestly the most beautiful place I have ever seen. I never got sick of seeing the mountains! And the weather was so crisp and cool- such a difference from the overwhelming heat and humidity back home. I can’t wait to tell you about all the fun things we did!

We stayed in an Airbnb in Jamestown, Colorado. It was about 10 miles outside of Boulder. It was really nice, but the 30 minute drive into the mountains was a little much. I wish we would have actually stayed in Boulder, or splurged and stayed in Estes Park. It was a cute little place, though! After being in the car for ten hours, we just wanted to go get a good meal and relax. Pizza sounded good to both of us (honestly, when doesn’t pizza sound good to us) and we found this place called Audrey Jane’s Pizza Garage that had been featured on DDD with Guy Fieri. It had great reviews and was in the heart of Boulder! It absolutely did not disappoint. We ordered the spicy pig pizza- pepperoni, homemade sausage, jalapeños, and garlic. It was seriously the best pizza I’ve ever had and I’m still dreaming about it. We actually ended up going twice! We ended walking to this cute little market (which ended up being Whole Foods) and then we got ice cream!


On Wednesday, we decided to go hiking in Rocky Mountain National Park. We woke up around 5am since it was an hour drive into Estes Park. It was so worth it to get up early and see the sunrise! It had been a while since we went hiking, so we wanted to do a short, simple hike. We decided on Dream Lake! If you ever hike Dream Lake, you have to continue on to Emerald Lake! It’s so worth the extra mile. The only thing that we didn’t like about this trail was that it was very busy, even though we got there at 7am. We constantly had to go around people and let other people through. It was such a pretty trail, though! It took about two hours to hike up and back, and we had a nice little snack break up at the top. After hiking, we decided to go into Estes Park and explore! We grabbed brunch at Claire’s and it was so good! You could tell the food was really fresh. Also, they had BOGO mimosas! We walked around for a bit, and I spent a ton of time in the store Trendz at the Park. I wanted to buy alllll the coffee mugs and tea towels! We also grabbed some coffee at Inkwell & Brew. The slow drip cold brew was amazing. On Wednesday night, we headed into Boulder to see Pearl Street Mall. I loved the Boulder Bookstore and Peppercorn! Peppercorn was a cross between a bookstore (only cookbooks) and a Williams Sonoma. I think we were in there for an hour just looking at all of the fun kitchen utensils. For dinner, we went to Avery Brewing Company for burger night! Their Hazyish IPA is so good.


On Thursday, we went hiking again! We wanted to hike a trail that was way less busy than Dream Lake, so we decided on Deer Mountain! It was about six miles and 9500 ft up! We loved this trail because it was so secluded and quiet. There were a few of other couples on the trail, including a little shitzu puppy that acted like a mountain goat! The view at the top was so amazing. Everywhere you looked there were snowcapped mountains. It was so cool to look down and see all of Estes Park. I highly reccomend hiking shoes for this hike, though. Jonathan had regular tennis shoes on and rolled his ankle a few times on the way down! For lunch, we stopped at St. Vrain Market for some sandwiches on fresh baked bread. They were so good, especially after hiking six miles! Thursday night was our last night in Boulder, and we could not decide on dinner, so we ended up going back to Audrey Jane’s Pizza Garage and ordering another spicy pig. We sat outside and watched the sunset!


On Friday, it was time to pack up and head to Denver for my favorite part of the trip, our Dave Matthews Band concerts! If you read my 20 Things About Me post, you know that I love Dave. Jonathan and I go to a few concerts of his every year, and it’s always my favorite night of the summer. We get lawn seats, dance barefoot in the grass, drink tons of beer, and listen to our favorite songs. We always leave with so many memories.

The concerts were at Fiddler’s Green Amphitheater in Englewood Colorado, just a bit south of Denver. We stayed at a La Quinta within walking distance of the venue, and it was so nice to not worry about the car or pay for parking. Before the concert, we walked to this place called 1Up, which was an arcade bar. Their drinks were really cheap, and all of the arcade games were a quarter! It was so fun and I wish we had spent more time there! Night 1 of the concert was great! They played Everyday, and I sang “honey honey, come and dance with me” the whole entire walk home. Jonathan was thrilled!

On Saturday, we drove to Golden, Colorado to see the Coors Brewery! It was only ten dollars, and that gave you a beer sample on the tour, plus three samples in the tasting room. It was so cool! I had no idea that Coors owned Blue Moon (my favorite), so it was really cool to see where it was made. Also, they had an awesome gift shop and I’m glad I saved my spending money! For lunch, we went to Bad Daddy’s Burgers. We ended up running into some other Dave fans and we had lunch together! They had some of the best fried pickles we’ve ever had. After that, we headed to night 2 of Dave! It was even better than the night before. They ended the night by playing Ants Marching, and I actually cried because I knew our vacation was over and I have to wait another year for our next Dave show.

I completely fell in love with Colorado on our vacation. I daydreamed the whole drive home about what it would be like to live there. I wouldn’t get anything done because I would just be hiking the entire time! I hope we can visit again soon!


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