Weekly Meal Plan: September 3rd

Weekly Meal Plan: September 3rd

Hey yʼall! I hope you had a great Labor Day weekend. I went shopping and bought some new things for the kitchen! We’ve been watching Master Chef on Hulu, and basically I’m obsessed with all their awesome tools. I bought a Y-peeler which is a game changer! It’s so much faster than your standard peeler. I splurged on some new measuring cups and spoons from Sur La Table. I’ve been using two half sets and I couldn’t take it anymore! These are so sturdy and solid and I’m so happy I bought some nice ones!

Jonathan and I are doing 30 Days of Real Food during the month of September! Basically, we make everything from scratch, and we don’t eat any processed foods with more than 5 ingredients. That means no store-bought bread, tortillas, hummus, salad dressing, basically everything! We’re only on day 2 and I’m kind of tired of being in the kitchen. But I feel better knowing we’re not eating any unnecessary junk! I’m excited to share my meal plan for the week with you!


Breakfast- Scrambled eggs + uncured turkey bacon + wheat toast

Lunch- Leftover grilled greek veggie kabobs + homemade hummus + homemade pita bread

Dinner- Mixed greens salad (my neighbor just harvested her garden and gave us some fresh veggies!)


Breakfast- Scrambled eggs + uncured turkey bacon + wheat toast

Lunch- Mixed greens salad

Dinner- General Tso’s Tofu + Broccoli + Edamame


Breakfast- Whole Wheat Banana pancakes (I always make these on Saturday mornings, and then I freeze the leftovers for a lovely mid week breakfast!)

Lunch- Chipotle Lentil Tacos +homemade tortillas (I subbed coconut oil for the lard, gross!)

Dinner- Turkey Burgers + Homemade french fries


Breakfast- scrambled eggs + turkey bacon + wheat toast

Lunch- Leftover turkey burgers + Homemade french fries

Dinner- not sure yet, but knowing us, probably some homemade pizza!

Snacks- raspberries, bananas, greek yogurt + fruit, homemade ranch<https://instantloss.com/creamy- homemade-ranch-dressing/> + veggies, hummus + pita bread

I hope you all have a great week!

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